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Pinelo-pies 🥧 are flaky, crispy, buttery, smooth PHYLLO pastry pies that are filled and stuffed with different combinations to amuse & satisfy. Each filling is prepared in our kitchen, by our chefs and is enveloped by Greek buttery phyllo pastry that everyone has grown to love & enjoy for over a century. You can’t beat phyllo pastry!

Currently, we are offering 7 different amazing pies & optional but highly recommended 🥰 dipping sauces. The combination of both pie & sauce is sure to elevate the flavour and enhance the experience !

Orders can be placed for take out: @ 613-843-1111

Use the menu button below to navigate to the Pinelo-Pies website. Here you will be able to see the description of each type of pie, the prices and the pie deals. Also, free delivery options are available for pie orders if you use UBER EATS or Skip The Dishes links within the Pinelo-Pies website. 

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